by Passive 65ive

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released December 9, 2014



all rights reserved


Passive 65ive Greater London, UK

'Pushing Abstract Styles Subject to Imaginative variations of Experimentation 6 5ive' is one third of the group the Hinderance, part of MHB down with Paramanu Records and a major contributor to Evasive Fix Sips. Convention is a rabid dog that needs it's existence validated by fleas. ... more

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Track Name: Creatorium
The synchronisation is telling/
The untrained art of fortune dispelling/
When overtly instructed to obey the following/
When will there be a cap on un-inspirational burrowing/
The guarantee of Technicolor dreamscapes enter me/
Follow the burdens of streams that wont tempt me/
Can’t be forced to overtly cynically, integrity/
Forever be the pro that guides the creativity/
Spawn will be encouraging the age old question/
There are far too many moments to make mention/
The world devoid of the sense that is common/
De void of an old denominator that is also common/
Can be a true intention of the brightest Escobar-esque business practice make into the common place practice then rewarded/
Maybe, looking close into the titles and deeds/
There are causes for political prisoners to be freed/
A naive dream in the minds of the ultra cynical/
Also input what remains clinical/
Sweeping judgements that are impossible/
Guarantees backed up already fundamental/
At the attempt of fostered positive outlook increasing
Overwhelming sense entrenched and cooked/
Forecasting tear of whatever success begins/
The fact that the frightened becomes what I hate that haunts me/
That I transplant my situation from my soul that will remain empty/
The fact that a working salt mine transforms the miner/
The old saying is complicit corruption changes the old timer/
In the land of the
Have always been forgotten/
Will sometimes leave me with a final warning shot/
Track Name: Flavourless ft Issuez
Start with a scattering that is always an instant/
Pre-requisite of negative instantaneous/
Better to collect gravel as feet pavement pound/
Kill the choreographer then let out a proper sound/
Taxidermy the studio casualties sonically/
Give up on Geiger biomechanically/
Far too much into some one early/
Posing up like it was meant to be burly/
Why the young inexcusable behaviour this side of thirty/
Target me in an unwinnable battle why don’t you?
But be sure you won’t get caught up in the wheel without fortune/
Where is the Star Wars Bib, caught out then slid/
Pale blue or speckled try asking Billy the Kid/
Finding out those pieces of archaeological relics that may digs/
True to be supposed that Pre- History that is ever living/
Spitting out flavourless gum that is definitely a given/
Spitting out flavourless gum that is definitely a given/

I believe in miracles, Sexual Chocolate Dopple gamga. reaching pinnacles
critical, thinking skills, devil’s advocate
finishing off what was begun by Harriet, generation x degenerate
go fishing without maggots, the fearful bear grip, putting an end to that salmon jumping bullshit
took the cake topped with cool whip, equipped with quips, lightening paced wit
my buffalo stance was inspired by an old Indian spirit
The man from Del Monte said NO!, when we had hidden cameras exposing the cheap labour on a TV show
Pissing in the snow hope u don’t like lemon slurpees
Or pineapple snow cones, this is a no Sambo zone, astute in my description
Vivid depiction and accounts of the situation, patient, slowly pacing, myself 4 this occasion
The model was upgraded, the past was faded, push 4 change in the present
Invest in the future, never impulsive, on trusting issues was the hesitance
Track Name: Faltering Alibi
Bleak is the house of the indigent place of the old cold north/
The carrion feastings spawned carcasses of the ways brought forth/
Barricaded against the falsehoods that can be implanted/
Outside the relevant influences that would be easily supplanted/
I am not placing myself in any camps that can be/
Easily swayed influence whether principal or monetary/
Subjected to self service level conversation in order to pass/
Time or border on the inane in order to climb/
Existential, esoterical’, obstacle in order to prey and find/
That there are vast amounts that are aggrieved sign/
It depends on the forms of expression that can give/
Rising to an open battlefield that surrounded the run/
Laid waste to an aftermath of minefields brewing/
Of the noteworthy collectives of the disenfranchised/
Awakening is needed to rest in power /
Not to over simplify /

Tap dance swing dip fall down bus lip/
Uttering words with a cadence that makes you sick/
Flying while falling foul with the desirable endings/
‘Klute’ the cinematic animal breed applications pending/
Sour with the ill gotten grape with Dionysus/
Figure out the instalments progressive fascists/
Think oil tanker with garage bands an anchor/
The almost repetitive drives directly from/
My vibe is now Conan worships Crom?
Let those exact words exactly what is wrong/
It shall remain empowering to battle the masses/
Deliberately making forms of creation un-accessible/
It is deemed inexcusable now it can be reached/
The extension of three hour waiting times, patience breeched/
Over flows won’t exact those,
Pre-requisite final faltering alibis I suppose/
Over flows won’t exact those,
Pre-requisite final faltering alibis I suppose/
Track Name: Kilo Sound ft Thomas Ackerman (artrant)
Boots on the other foot thoughtful soot/
Cornball fantastic claim false demographic/
Chew up an intriguing plaster caste/
Wont drive head long into trees that fast/
There is a past/
It’ll be found in a looking glass/
When the battle is placed before me/
When the entertainers named are boring/
Drench mould and then dig up the flooring/
Count the results scratch football scoring/
Words placed all through the cynicism/
Greeted what’s met and revert that cynicism/
Paper Mache art rant Fukishiva/
Inspiration taken from an artistic cleaner/
Burrowed influence, added implement/
Taking care of those precious instruments/
Imperialism, sold by the pound/
Take weight of that kilo sound/
Track Name: Guarantee
What gets placed in glass hostels/
While remain importance of recycled bottles/
The remains of the sabre tooth tiger astounds/
Cross country travelling pets homeward bound/
Sights and sounds ode to the times past/
Watch out for the new reptiles lurking in the grass/
Skirting round looking for issues/
Inebriated singing, can’t lose/
Times experiences past paid dues/
Threaten me why don’t you/
Pain in the rat’s bum cheek/
The earth inherit heart burn so to speak/
Pain in the rat’s bum cheek/
The earth inherit heart burn so to speak/

What happens to all those pits against/
The likelihood of a cannibal that’s put in restraints/
Hysteria studies are often induced/
The parties are then taken placed in an institute/
The Magpie study of improvements/
Look at the shiny objects then wonder where it went/
The autonomous fraudulent crop/
Don’t suppose you can find object photo shopped/
That is a well placed aftershock/
Harping on about such coincidence and clock/
The goings on with a timely adjustment/
Encased the rigidity in a quick fast cement/
Encased the rigidity in a quick fast cement/
Track Name: Lou Salome
Just like being given medicine and being forced to enjoy/
The habitual treatment becomes a systemic envoy/
To detect the genesis is harder to pinpoint/
Why is there a constant renewable cycle what is the point/
Did all this start from a curiosity of a joint/
Or did it take over due to associations of pleasure/
Can the amount of times be counted of conflicts started/
Is there a way of realising at which point of a craving/
Is created... remember once you jokes about your chemical dependency/
Maybe in poor taste but that is your reality/
Is really where you seek solace exposing a vulnerability/
I’m still astounded by the way you have the ability/
To manipulate your surroundings with impeccable adaptability/
While realising things were never easy/

It becomes habitual that it bores me/
Fancy the irony, supposedly paid to do mediocrity/
With only music as a salvation growing patient/
Fond memories of Christmas acoustic jamming/
Unable to fathom the turmoil what’s happening/
Unable to empathise while struggling with your addiction/
What makes your neurotransmitters enact your repetition/

Upset that in the past decade you are entrenched in institutions/
All that can be done each day as it comes/
I feel like I’m standing in oblivion’s edge/
Holding the bungee cord, not seeing flat/
What to you at your infancy/
Practically grew up during interesting times/
A situation like a labyrinthine Pandora’s Box/
Figure your way before opening up/
Figure your way before opening up /
Figure your way before opening up/
Track Name: Psychotic
The mish-mash mix of abbreviations in my head/
Cause me to P.M.S.L, R.O.F.L Scuba dive the dread/
Sleeping doze of toxin inequalities/
Will not gain points while bargaining possibilities/
My child toxic plastic stethoscope un-refined/
Will be wasted on multiples of frozen time/
Counter balance old vinyl recordings/
Control the silent holders of purse strings/
Not a possibility there are no visible redeeming qualities/
Shadows cast furthering the invisible visual to drown/
Lost in the many euphoric parts of town/
Pathological symbols won’t ever be found/
When there is a climate that feeds into the paranoia/
Grow with the girth of as Redwood Sequoya/
Like a child star that can’t get right/
Seen from an observation things that breed Twilight/
A mic fight is verbally dexterous/
Words place through filters, verbal ambidextrous/
Who really cares if Olympus falls in second Rome/
Who really cares if an inside trader looses a home/
The fact that there are billionaires more than ever/
Yankee Doodle Dandy is forced to sell his feather/
The fact that there are more billionaires than ever/
Yankee Doodle Dandy is forced to sell his feather/

All hail the gods that walk the earth/
Carving up civilisations as if they are gang turf/
There is nothing worse than being displaced/
Especially when standing around with that
I’m so proud of nothing look foward to on your face/
The fear is also that fake loathing that sees/
Hives can make you scrape off the top layer of your knees/
Countryfile promoting robotic farmers to a displaced labour/
But it can create factories a caustic favour/
I really have come to that point/
Where I find it absolutely impossible to get along/
In order to get on, couldn’t give a shortcake/
Even if everyone is singing the same song/
I will remain seated at this ovation.... end to fin
Track Name: Identity
Union jack flag waving Red Black and Green/
Societal contribution fit in the mainstream/
No way of adding monetary donation remains to be seen/
Flower power, concrete Jungle/
Confusion remains to be seen/
Mirror reflects Enforced expectations intervene/
Thoughts carried to the depths of darkness/
Consuming my entity, marginalised on both counts/
Rhetorical conflict laying waste in debris/
For queen and country..Who’s?
Should I define myself with parameters forced upon me?
Choosing false Idols over the almighty/
Is what presented to me with ribbons/
Well I’ll keep it locked, connections to ancestry/
Track Name: Sambuca Jabroni
There is no longer a spring in Arabia/
Lying about the concepts in Mesopotamia/
Progressive liberation is a focus that is stranger/
When there are far few mentions of danger/
Where is the focus of slavery in Mauritania?
Channel no alignments that is plainer/
Than the land grab de-popularised failure/
Mind’s eye burn down sit in thinker/
Creative portions more adverse than slavers/
It cannot be controlled when empires are born/
Salty tasting nobility a prom form/
Now sworn to plug in to seamless streams/
Before you open up to beginnings/
Lose your Inhibited grounding to potential/
Existential proposals of financial potential/

Fifteen white horses on hills of red/
The instep with a with a foreign body is said/
To be painfully obviously comfortably/
Drowning in Sambuca challenge Jabronis/

There are no longer inspirational saviours/
Just misfits that can’t take this behaviour/
Frustrations won’t formulate any favours/
Being to be looked at as Venetian floaters/
Become marketed to fulfil stupid quotas/
Swing the axe because nothing is safe/
He would rather a companionship of an ape/
Than be a condescending panther/
When there is an absence of normality/
There tends to be a trade of wages hourly/
In order to maintain a cause of clarity/
A fallacy of modernity corrupts absolutely/
When people power keeps from encouraging sincerity/
The ode to the Downtrodden is annoyingly/
More sincere because hunger pains intertwines/
The need to break down patterns in rhyme/
The need to break down patterns in rhyme/
Track Name: Cosmoplantation
The pre-packaged continues as the beginnings reign/
Water trickles through every now and again/
The free fall of deciduous evergreen/
Will help polish newly acquired self esteem/
Adapted to be one of many ideals/
Opened through the eyes of the surreal/
The coming together seems very fair/
When put in places no longer there/
We exist in a post racial society.. Really??
It seems to be as neurotic as the eyes can see/
I am drawn to differences, drawn from convention/
Drawn further than a prospect of a safe pension/
My pleasant surprising present/
Is the abandonment of the cosmoplantation/

We are gathered here today in a cause/
To be satisfied in order for applause/
To forget anything of cultural significance/
To reinforce tangents that have disappeared, riddance/
Telescopic, Sambo, projectile/
Eliminate the over saturated jigaboo out of style/
Special consideration to form abbreviations/
Salivate over the forms of ruined explanations/
To be extremely honest it’s easy to push/
While fanning flames of a burning bush/
Charter a rented stereotypical character/
Mix and Blend, then work main courses for a starter/
My pleasantly surprising present/
Is the abandonment of the Cosmoplantaion/
Track Name: Successful ft Issuez
Gastric bypass won’t pass the excessive fat/
Artificial plastic won’t disappear compost vat/
Lying through teeth will get you over/
Bragging and boasting via auto tune/
Banging and harping about braggadocio/
A favour please end this excessive/
Rambling enough to trigger a manic depressive/
Ice (watch) Ice (socks) Baby (Gap) Tooth/
Enough to plough you through the...into the booth/
You will contribute to detrimental simians/
Participating negatively until your oblivion/
Participating in your excretion fostering on onions/

Money can’t buy Intelligence
You can’t string together a sentence, without talking material possessions
Crying when confronted by the repo man
I think the lesson, is you made dumb investments
Ego is intertwined with the perception
Internet avatars, why don’t you stop lying
The only one who cares is yourself or your girl
Fame and money doesn’t define success
2 be yourself defines success
Living your dream defines success
2 step out of the matrix defines success
Track Name: Changelin
Greta Gabo Scarfel Minnie Mouse Pike/
Open Ended Formulaic Antagonise Mics/
Super Extended Automated rendering fights/
Been stranded down south looking at Northern lights/
Thunderstorm subsonic norm black and white/
Won’t really be seen as dazzling bright/
Bleach feature impeach a character born/
Hell hath no fury who on earth is now scorn?
Lay down the rail track defunk British Steel/
Burn analogue tape measure no more reel to reel/
Flag waving Jack is a disharmonious union/
Pleasure Rhythmic state is no longer an opinion/
Cheerful Cheddar cigarette etiquette ends/
When will the transformation take place it depends/
The grease monkey said a word that’s all heard/
With amateur idiosyncrasies, theory kill word/
Told to put the equipment away, slurred speech/
If it’s rotten to the core it’s a giant peach/

Shiver then sliver make timber nice/
Editing nursery rhymes with a rhythmic vice/
Offer the open end introduction to what/
Do something, blood, show them the exact spot/
Trouble maker start the wahala that’s flopped/
Show you’re right with give them what you got/
Peace be on to Blues with shoulder cap micro/
No amount of texturizer will rid that afro/
Peace be on to Blues with shoulder cap micro/
No amount of texturizer will rid that afro/
Track Name: Northern Liner
Track my field goal please atone to rare disease/
Wafting in previous skunk clouds peel back bark of trees/
Bag the superstitious agenda forcing drawn iron/
Traction pulling subconscious metal charged pylon/
With less than it takes/
Apply fictitious metaphorical Image breaks/
Cart around the fuller as he collects the beat breaks/
Now count back from the dates where orders placed/
Can it be in an instant/
Serengeti hunting manic depressing/
Tourniquet tighten the ease, blood flow Lessing/
Informers in disguise interaction is a blessing/
Up sticks with a northward move/
No gappy ranking dappy I have to prove/
The art of degeneration is now consuming/
The last Northern liner is now leaving/

Back the in stabbed get stabbed in the back/
Crack smokes mayor the mayor smokes crack/
Rhymes Nursery popular the popular Nursery Rhymes/
Can you actually find the Northern liner?
Back the in stabbed get stabbed in the back/
Crack smokes mayor the mayor smokes crack/
Rhymes Nursery popular the popular Nursery Rhymes/
Can you actually find the Northern liner?

Pickle garbage canned steal hubcaps and/
Enter a substantial clause in an informal agreement/
Saw a rancid media depiction of life/
I am telling you what to think that’s rife/
I will happily wallow in my ignorance/
There is a lot of that going around that’s contagious/
I am based in the grass roots base of cynicism/
Not claiming any side for wisdom/
Because of my infantile outlook I can endure/
Any condition that will be placed on me by the claw/
Look, there goes a peer group with more/
Privileged than the average working whore/
Protesting via IPads, IPhones than ever before/
Have you checked your privilege lately?
Have you seen the real results of Austerity/
You.. May be just like me/
Another armchair polarised wishy washy revolutionary/
Wishy washy revolutionary/

Back the in stabbed get stabbed in the back/
Crack smokes mayor the mayor smokes crack/
Rhymes Nursery popular the popular Nursery Rhymes/
Can you actually find the Northern liner?
Back the in stabbed get stabbed in the back/
Crack smokes mayor the mayor smokes crack/
Rhymes Nursery popular the popular Nursery Rhymes/
Can you actually find the Northern liner?
Track Name: Nebuchadnezzar
Bartholemew tenderloin steak is a welcome addition/
As can be an extra digestion into clogged large intestine/
Learning from the collapse of inappropriate pressure/
Soaring into delusions of self imposed fair weather/
Insular time taking back the routes of captive needs/
That can suffocate creativity doesn’t become that/
Of one’s own selfish greed for space and time to explore/
What is the thought process and what’s the whyfores?
I get it now my own paranormal paranoia can stem from/
The ability to express the things close to me the ability/
It has to appear cryptically in order to hide the vulnerability/
Structure has no worth in the world of illusion/
That the end goal seems to never obtain the disillusion/
Of attainment of the success that is programmed to/
Embody every single aspect of the state of finding that
Goal finding that one thing that defines you/
Track Name: Disconnected Diaspora ft Orko Eloheim
How can I possibly find a connection with quagmire colonialism?
How can I wave a Union Jack in good faith without feeling connections to racism?
Scarred by those National front images hijacking Patriotism
Now Scapegoat creation with the subtle blend of island mentality
Makes these things all the more easily to see
Through the experienced eyes of my generation born in the Late 70’s
Why I go out of my way not to support England in the world cup
Remembering John Barnes and the Banana abuse
The subtle nuances wording some may find aloof
‘Jamaican born’ when the penalty is missed
I guess I am now as Ghanaian Brit
I may tend to lean towards the motherland ... that’s me being honest
Although when travelling I have the ‘Brit Characteristic’
Learning about William Caffey, Equiano and Mary Seacourt
Things forgotten about in school
Just like the Ottoman Empire and Timbuktu
I find it strange to find that I may have more in common with those
That go out of their way not to conform to what’s expected of them
Come off the beaten track those that don’t get in to fit in
I see nothing wrong with that
I raise a voice in confusion for all the disconnected Diaspora
Garvey, Martin, Malcolm, Lamumba
I raise a voice in confusion to set up a form of an identifier
Nkrumah, Fela, Kenyatta, Mandela
Track Name: Move Planets (stuck while steadfast)
Stuck while steadfast in the stench of eternal bogs
Stuck while steadfast in the stench of eternal bogs
Stuck while steadfast in the stench of eternal bogs
Stuck while steadfast in the stench of eternal bogs

Tar built in Palaces of dismemberment/
Profiles are lost in forests of disinterest/
Hulking the shy, don’t take the bribe/
Ours is not the reason why or forced to spy/
That’s the incarnate with the grace of leathery/
Bat winged spread over the course of plenty/
Due diligence is to be rewarded with a/
Morning star in the temple area/
Ouch is more than the anticipated bargain/
Slow down a little bit before we start again/
As mad as ten house martins on ayahuasca/
Hungrier than the munchies buffet platter/
Human transformation adds a few more in years/
While sitting there in order to dispel fears/
Launching tankers and careers cursing for years/
Launching tankers and careers cursing for years/

Stuck while steadfast in the stench of eternal bogs
Stuck while steadfast in the stench of eternal bogs
Stuck while steadfast in the stench of eternal bogs
Stuck while steadfast in the stench of eternal bogs

Breathe!! While the blatantly wear Esoteric boxing gloves/
Will only increase the power of a dove/
Flying backwards with an inexcusable failed reason/
Power resides with power often craven/
The coward is far too often forgotten/
While travelling through a vacuum it’s important/
My treatment of this contemptuous issue is easy/
Digest it before it makes a meal out of me/
The most exhausting thing to do is waste too many hours/
Contemplating on missing opportunities with dying flowers/
Wilting away validation, darkness is....
Gathering around while the fires of night build/
Can’t get invited without an invite to the guild/
At last can the possibility of celestial movements/
Be expected to re-connect this disorderly existence/

Stuck while steadfast in the stench of eternal bogs
Stuck while steadfast in the stench of eternal bogs
Stuck while steadfast in the stench of eternal bogs
Stuck while steadfast in the stench of eternal bogs